My Experience with Cinema – Lootera

कुछ कहानियाँ होती है,
जो बड़ी दिलचस्प होती है…
उनमे हसीं की बौछारें,
ख़ुशी के इन्द्रधनुष,
प्यार की सुनहरी रौशनी,
तकरार की गरजती बारिश,
तो कभी इंतज़ार के बागीचो में खिले फूलों की खुशबू होती है…

पर कुछ कहानियाँ होती है,
जिनमे ख़ामोशी भरी होती है…
प्यार के बड़े से कमरे में बंद खामोशी …

‘लूटेरा’ एक ऐसी ही ख़ामोश प्रेमकहानी है.

Lootera (2013) Movie First Look Poster

The few reason why I chose to watch this movie were…
Its amazing ALBUM. Excellent poetry, Superb compositions and marvelous performances.
The very first track that was released in media, “Sawaar loon” takes full control of you. Monali Thakur-Amit Trivedi-Amitabh Bhattacharya…deliver a super romantic song.
Infact every song from the album is worth discussing and appreciating.
Be it, “manmarziyan” which has major portion in Chorus; be it “monta re” sung by the very talented Swanand Kirkire; be it Amit Trivedi’s soulful voice in “Zinda” or be it the poets own recitation of “Ankahee”.
Every song adds to the story line.

Full marks to the Music. 🙂

Then, it were the leads who create excitement of meeting them.
The simple costumes, bful sarees and elegant look of SONAKSHI SINHA steals your heart when you see her in “Sawaar Loon”.
Ranveer Singh also looks simple and handsome.
But sonakshi, without any doubt supersedes him.

However, it will not be easy for anyone to deny this fact that they look great together. Beautiful and romantic.

Now lets talk about the story.

Its based on some short story I suppose, which I saw on the titles but couldn’t recollect that.

Story wasn’t very impressive though, but the screenplay definitely had many magical moments.

The first half, because of the tickling romance maintains the pace of the movie. But with the start of second half, silence takes toll of everything.

I liked the use of SILENCE in the movie through many things.
– no use of background music, at many places
– real time recording of every single thing like scribbling of fountain pen on paper, noise of flowing wind in the room etc. It emphasizes the presence of silence & emptiness in the life of the lead character. That was very effective.

Else the movie was very tiring.

Vikramaditya Motwane, after his brilliant debut movie “Udaan” didn’t impressed me with this story.
However, the overall EXPERIENCE of WATCHING CINEMA was good. Simply because of every other thing, than STORY. 🙂

Its always worth watching such movies for the splendid poetry and compositions.

KUDOS to Amitabh Bhattacharya…

“क्या कभी सवेरा लाता है अँधेरा,
सुखी सियाही देती है गवाही,
सदियों पुरानी ऐसी एक कहानी,
रह गयी, अनकही …!!!”


“मुझे छोड़ दो मेरे हाल पे,
जिंदा हूँ यार, काफी है …!”

and the very beautiful…

“हवा के झोंके आज मौसमो से रूठ गए,
गुलों की शोखियाँ जो भवरें आके लूट गए,
बदल रही हे आज ज़िन्दगी की चाल ज़रा,
इसी बहाने क्यों न मैं भी दिल का हाल ज़रा,
सवार लूं , सवार लूं …”

– Vishal Rajendra Shinde
18 July 2013


2 thoughts on “My Experience with Cinema – Lootera

  1. Your attention to detail like the scribbling on the paper and how it relates is amazing. This is why you should write plays!

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