Happy Birthday Gulzar baba… 18th August :)

Gulzar baba

18 August 1934…!
This is the date when Sampoorna Singh Kalra was born in Dina, Jhelum (now in Pakistan).

He has had his share of struggles since childhood, which coincided with the PARTITION.

With RABINDRANATH TAGORE’s books he grew the interest in story-telling since he was young.
The era, when the education in URDU used to be part of all teaching institutes of north india, he learned how to mug-up the couplets (SHER) of many GREAT URDU SHAYARS.

The family circumstances brought him to BOMBAY (now MUMBAI), where he started working as a MECHANIC in a GARAGE.

The affection for literature and writing however connected him with the GREAT AUTHORS of hindi-urdu-bengali literature. Also he came in touch with many story writers and lyricists as well, for films.

The struggle yielded him BANDINI. His first released song from a BIMAL ROY movie, picturized on NUTAN. The song “mora gora ang laile…” / “मोरा गोरा अंग लई ले …” was a well appreciated song. This is what impressed BIMAL da, which made him offer Sampoorna Singh Kalra to be his assistant in film making.

That is how it started. And since then there is no reason for him to stop.

He learned the essence of film-making from the MAESTRO, and he literally learned very well.

In addition to that, he was a screenplay writer – dialogue writer and a lyricist.

He gave many timeless movies as director, character’s as screenplay writer, cathy lines as dialogue writer and “words to the feelings” as lyricist.

He is admired across the GLOBE as a LYRICIST, a POET.

He adopted GULZAR as his pen name. And this is how he describes the story behind it. 🙂

नाम सोचा ही न था, है की नहीं

‘ अमां ‘ कह के बुला लिया एक ने
‘ ऐ जी ‘ कह के बुलाया दूजे ने
‘ अबे ओ ‘ यार लोग कहते है

जो भी यूं जिस किसी के जी आया
उसने वैसे ही बस पुकार लिया …

तुमने एक मोड़ पर जब
मुझको ‘ गुलज़ार ‘ कह के दी आवाज़
एक सीपी से खुल गया मोती
मुझको इक मानी मिल गए जैसे …

आह, ये नाम खुबसूरत है …
फिर मुझे नाम से बुलाओ तो…!!!

– गुलज़ार


This year Gulzar baba visited his BIRTH PLACE – DINA, with VISHAL & REKHA BHARADWAJ (the well known & talented, singer and composer COUPLE from BOLLYWOOD).


The experience must be very special for him. I am presenting a small gift through my words…

सियासी खेल में जाने, कितनो ने वतन छोड़ा …
गुजारी कितनी पुश्तें बस एक हसरत में चुनिंदा …
मैं खुशकिस्मत हूँ, की इस साल “अपने घर” तो हो आया …!!!


Once again…A HAPPY BIRTHDAY GULZAR baba…!!! 🙂

Vishal Rajendra Shinde
18 August 2013


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